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Innovative smart energy saving devices for homeowners, HMO landlords, hotels and offices.

Smart Energy Saving Devices for Every Property


Transform your home with our smart energy solutions and step into the future of efficient energy saving living! As a homeowner, you'll enjoy unparalleled control over your home's gas and electric, leading to significant savings on energy bills.


Imagine this: a tenant in a six-bed HMO cranks up the heating to 30 degrees, but most rooms are empty. Our system, with its clever human detection sensor, only heats the occupied room. This means you, the landlord, save on heating costs by not wasting energy on vacant rooms or areas.

Hotels & Offices

Upgrade to smart energy management in your hotel or office building! Our solutions offer smart controlled room temperatures to cut down on energy waste and reduce your bills.

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Empowering Tomorrow's Energy Solutions

At Smart Energy Solution, we're dedicated to innovation and excellence in the realm of energy efficiency. Our journey started with a powerful idea: to transform the management and conservation of energy in properties everywhere.

Recognising the rising challenges of energy costs, we introduced TED, a pioneering smart energy-saving system designed to address the unique needs of homeowners, landlords and commercial property owners alike.

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Why Switch to TED?

41.3% Average SAVING Per Year on Your Energy Bills!

Extensive research in 4-bedroom HMO properties has shown us that landlords are paying on average 41.3% less on their energy bills!


  • Average SAVING Per Year

  • Stop heating empty rooms

  • Automatically turns of lights

  • Set maximum & minimum temperatures

  • Radiators turned off when windows opened

  • Places plug sockets into standby mode when not in use


  • Designed for Landlords
  • Boost Function
  • Notifications
  • Multiple properties per login
  • Restrict Temperature Range
  • Copy settings between properties
  • Auto light switch turn off
  • Auto plug socket standby
  • Individual Room Heating Controls
  • Individual Room Electric Saving
  • Electric Heater Detection

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